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Electroniccy E.P in the Offing from FOG project

We had a meeting the other night and decided that we’re going to record an E.P. Well, I say “meeting” – we were in the pub and thought it was high time we did something.

Ste Writing New Songs

We’ve always maintained that the only thing you need to be a fan of FOG project is patience. You can see that from the gap of a year between this post and the last one.

However that’s not because we lose interest in music or because we just can’t be sodded recording anything – it’s because we’re independent and can do what we like and we don’t always shout about it.

Quite frankly this last year has flown by for both of us but we’re finally getting some new material together and should have something thrown together quite soon.

This man smoked a cigarette. What happened next will blow your mind…

A few years back Stephen Lewis Davies innocently smoked a cigarette on a London street. He took the stick and lit it up, not knowing that this would be his last cigarette.

Ste Smokes a Fag

Incredibly the cigarette is still going today. It has developed a life of its own, has learned to drive a car and has even swam the channel for charity.

Now that bollocks is out of the way – BUY OUR NEW ALBUM “ZOLTAR SPEAKS”