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New Material, New Music, New Sandwiches…

So after a year bumming around and sniffing stuff we decided to get back into recording some new material. We started by making a sandwich, having some tea and being British – then we gunned it and turned up the speakers.

Ste Close Up

That’s it really. Nothing more to say at the moment – oh apart from badgering Terry Christian to play some tracks on his radio show on Imagine FM…

Ste with Terry Christian

Get our music FREE when you Play Out….

We’re made up, our music has been included as demo songs in a brand new piece of music play out software called PlayoutONE from RadioStationSolutions.

PlayoutONE is for anyone who wants the power and ease of use of professional radio playout software without the hefty price tag.

Depressed DJ on a radio station

Our music is installed when you download and install the trial package from their website. We asked them if they could prevent it from being deleted but they said no.

The guys who wrote it tell us that anyone can have a radio station or music sustaining service, like for shops and in store radio, up and running in just 10 minutes.

It got us thinking – FOG radio – it’s got a ring to it and we could just play FOG project music 24 hours a day. I know I’d listen…. anyone want to sponsor it?

At home (the Winchester) with FOG project

If you haven’t yet seen the latest FOG project film then you must watch it now. Go on, while you’re here. It’s only a short film. It’s called “At home (the Winchester) with FOG project” and it features FOG project performing 4 songs from our album “Zoltar Speaks“.

The tracks we perform are Welcome to Earth, Born Leader, We Are One and Fuckin’ Mad and are all available on CD from or from iTunes.