FOG project melt their MBE’s and sell the metal to buy beer for the homeless

There have been various rumours circulating about us receiving MBE’s in the New Years Honours List.

Before we get bogged down in what is the truth and what is a lie (or PR as most bands call it) let’s take a minute to think about the homeless and the truly needy.

We’re not rich by any stretch. We’re not comfortable by any stretch either. In fact we spend most of the year on the knife edge of bankruptcy so you could say we’re the needy.

We don’t like to obsess with material stuff though and we don’t care what the upper echelons in society think of us or our music. We would rather have a beer with those whom like our music than pander to the glitzy social needs of the so called elite whose vanity requires 24 hour applause and cocaine for a little lift.

Some are less fortunate though,  like the aforementioned homeless who I hope you still have in the back of your mind.

It is to this length we have melted our MBE’s and sold the resultant scrap metal to buy 8 ACE for a few of the “needy” in our area.

You might think of this as a waste but these guys are just like the social elite – they’re totally in need of the recognition and they also need a little lift.

Homeless man yesterday

So thank you to the shape shifter for the materials which have allowed us to put something into the community despite the Daily Heil’s calls to not give to the homeless.

We would rather fail doing the right thing than succeed in doing the wrong.

Now, back to the subject of truth and lies…. we didn’t get MBE’s. We swapped Adele her MBE for a Greggs pasty.

Have a Happy New Year.

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