Hang on…. I’ve had an idea!

FOG project liveIt’s October 2011.

It’s been a few months and we haven’t done anything exciting. We’re both sat in a pub in Widnes after walking there in the fog. We intended to go to the local shop but got lost along the way.

We’re waiting for the fog to lift and so are biding our time with a few well earned pints. We’re discussing HOLICE and music in general. HOLICE is our electro pop music project we started back late 2008. It’s been fun and jolly with it’s upbeat tunes and boppy poppy music.

We need something more though. We need to get gritty and more dark. It’s a need. We have to explore the depths of what we can do. We want to create an album that’s full of twists and turns – even if only we know where those turns are. Even if we’re the only ones who ever listen to the album.

The album does not have a name. It has no songs. Like time it is malleable. It has no release date. All it has is the two of us. We have no name for the project.

We have some more pints.

A discussion happens about a name.

We now have a name.

The name is FOG project. It has nothing to do with the weather.

It exists because… because it does. Because there’s no reason for it not to. The album will be recorded and it will take as long as it takes. The album will exist because there’s no reason for it not to exist.

FOG project might gig live, it might not.

FOG project needs a website.

FOG project needs YOU!

The fog has lifted. We stagger home and work begins on what is to be Tired.

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