Harry Hill Movie – Reviewed

Harry Hill MovieIT’S GREAT!!!! Well okay I haven’t actually watched it yet but Ste is in it so it must be good.

Ste would never do anything just for the money… he’s a musician for crying out loud. There’s the proof right there.

Yes, yet again Ste graces the big screen with some pretty big celebs. Matt Lucas, Julie Walters, Simon Bird (who said he would be in our music video to We Are One then didn’t turn up – Bastard) and many more in this farcical romp which see’s Harry going on a road trip to Blackpool with his nan when he realises his hamster only has a week to live.

It’s not quite a road movie like Wim Wenders would make but non the less it’s entertaining for this time of year – that’s what it say’s on this press pack anyway.

Check out the trailer:

Ste isn’t in the trailer, not like The Iron Lady one, but he’s in the film near the end playing a paramedic.

Hits (or “It Hit” if it’s after the 20th Dec) cinema’s on the 20th December 2014.

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