New Fragrance from FOG project

We, as I’m sure you are too, are fed up of puny faggoty bands jumping onto the bandwagon and bringing out fragrances that more often than not smell like the toilet in a badly run nursing home whose staff have gone postal and really given up the ghost and couldn’t give a shit about cleaning or care.

1D, or One Direction as they’re also known, have just brought a perfume out for those who want to smell like a tarts boudoir. Britney’s had one out, Katy Perry and I think Lady GaGa.

So in a situationist reaction we have decided to bring out a fragrance too. It’s called Stink Bombs and with it you can be just who you want to be.

Stink Bombs is available from all good joke shops and some shit ones too.

Stink Bombs

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