New Website for FOG project – Good Eh?

FOG projectAll new websites have to start with an obligatory “New Website” post – and this is ours and it’s no different than any other website.

So what do you think? Good eh? Looks good, works well and keeps you updated with all things FOG.

Please don’t be confused with another FOG project by the way. The FOG project I refer to isn’t a musical beat combo, it’s some sort of copyright infringing cloning system for Windows XP. It doesn’t make music – we do.

You can find all our resources here which we would like to share with you like interviews, music and videos. Plus we’re going to keep you entertained with random FOG blogs like this one so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll keep you up to date with FOG happenings.

We would also like to thank Lee Bradburne of Dragonfly Photography who took the superb photo you see here of the two of us.

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