Sneaky Peeky of Steeky Weeky in Peaky Blinders-ee

peaky blinders itv

As reported not long ago Stephen is cropping up in all sorts of places on the TV and in films and just to make sure that you don’t think we’re lying (because we would never do that) here’s a screen snap of him in the new BBC drama Peaky Blinders.

The show stars Sam Neil (Jurassic Park, Dead Calm) and Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later, Sunshine) and is set at some time in the past and is about, errm, well, I’m not actually sure – but it’s better than Downtown Abbey any road.

There’s trouble at mill and Ste is there to save the day. Check out Peaky Blinders on the BBC iPlayer – it’s great, you don’t even need a TV license these days.

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