Ste filming with Jim Broadbent on Ridley Scott’s new film Get Santa

I’m made up to announce that Stephen has begun filming a new Ridley Scott film called Get Santa with Jim Broadbent.

The film is about a 9-year-old boy who discovers Santa (Jim Broadbent) in his home garden shed, days before Christmas. Escaping the wreckage of his sleigh and desperate to return to Lapland, Santa has come to ask Tom and his dad (played by Rafe Spall) for help.

Sounds really cute and I look forward to bringing you updates and pictures, for now though here’s a visual representation of how Stephen may look acting next to Jim.

What Ste might look like acting next to Jim Broadbent in Get Santa

Don’t forget though, in the shadow of this greatness, we have our album out on the 24th Feb called Zoltar Speaks which also features Tom Hanks on one of the tracks.

I tell you – Hollywood is calling, but at the moment they’re reversing the charges. Bastards.

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