Stephen has jumped into your television… like a moving “Where’s Wally?”

Ste in the film the Iron LadyYou can see Stephen in many places. He is on television a lot, normally cropping up in Hollyoaks or Emmerdale or in bushes in public parks.

Sometimes he’s in films like The Iron Lady with Meryl Streep and Richard.E.Gwarnt.

He’s been filming a Morrisons advert this week and working with the Fonz whom sliced him a piece of cake along with Lyn, assistant to Alan Partridge.

He’s been in ITV’s Homefront and even appeared in a TV magazine write up about the show.

Ste in ITV's HomefrontHe was on some BBC show about Stargazing with Brian Cox and Dara O’Brien taking the piss out of the universe.

There’s a show coming on soon called Peeky Blinders with Cillian Murphy and Sam Neil – keep an eye out for it as he’s in that as a bare knuckle fighter or something like that. He does that much I lose track of what each role is about. Sometimes the first thing I know about it is when I see him on TV and spit my tea everywhere.

There are plenty more things he’s been on and in that I’m sure I’ve forgotten but what is amazing is that despite working these long hours filming he still finds time to write some cracking songs.

Most importantly you can see him in all FOG project music videos so far.

Bill Drummond from the KLFMe??? Well I met Chris Evans once. He was desperate to have his picture taken with me so I couldn’t say no really.

I also recently got together with Bill Drummond from the KLF at his 60th birthday party in Liverpool.

As you can see from the picture he was overjoyed to see me.

I am also responsible for the idea behind the opening of the Take That music video to “Never Forget”.

Chris and Gary BarlowYou know that opening cine footage of Gary Barlow naked on a beach and riding a motor bike pretending to be one of CHiPs… well I captured that footage to video camera.

This was done round at his parents house when they still lived on London Road in Frodsham, and yes, I know it’s a bit wonky – but if I’d known then it was going to go on the music video then I would have got it straight.

It was done as a birthday present for Gary but the idea soon developed. It was poetry.


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