FOG who?

FOG projectFOG project – an idea hatched during a fog drenched, cold and wet evening walk to the pub in October 2011.

The premise – to record dark electronic songs that your mum would hate.

Originally our debut song Tired was recorded in a booze fueled recording session.

A few people who heard it went mental over it and convinced us put it out.

Radio One

We did – and with a little help we infiltrated the UK’s capital attaining radio play at BBC Radio London, XFM London and at one point Radio One, but we didn’t hear it ourselves.

You may have heard reports that we put sugar in the fuel tank of Piers Morgan’s car and nails under the tyres of Simon Cowell’s car. We neither confirm nor refute these claims.

Our studio is in a constantly shifting state and is often pulled apart and rebuilt in different locations. We’ve even tried recording in the car but the laptop battery went flat before we could really do anything.

Debut Album

We’re currently working on our debut album “Zoltar Speaks” due for release before the end of 2013.

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